As previously advised HERE, our Club will NOT hold the "Village Festival" now, or in the future, for the following reasons:

Risks included:

·       Potential short notice cancellation ie public health orders changes

·       Escalating costs & financial risks in the event of unplanned cancelling of the event

·       Contractual & compliance issues

·       Complex road closures including water-filled barriers costs & logistics

·       Insurance complexities for some events

Importantly, our assessment includes, as a small club, our ability to manage & resource such a significant event in addition to all the other community activities & services we strive to provide every year.

Our assessment is that "the risks remain considerable to hold the event" and therefore the Village Festival will not be held.

We plan to hold two Community Market days, in April & November each year, in the Uniting Church grounds.   

We welcome your feedback at info@oatleylions.org.au

Please click HERE to see the Media Release from 2021

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