• Oatley Village Festival stall sites are located in four main area within the Festival boundaries.
  • The areas are colour coded on the online map. Frederick Street (blue sites A01-A39), Oatley Avenue (orange sites A01-A38), North Park (green sites N01-N26) and South Park (red sites S01-S80).
  • Standard stall sites measure 3 metres x 3 metres in size. If more space is required ensure to request two stall sites on your application.
  • Refer to the Festival Map for sites that have access to electrical power access and/or hired fete stalls. For both these options, additional fees apply.
  • Booking applications open online each year in July at the Oatley Lions website www.oatleylions.org.au.
  • Stall holders that traded at last year's festival receive two weeks advanced notice before applications open to the general public.
  • Stall holders are expected to provide details of products to be sold a the festival.

Read the following information carefully:


  • Payment should not be submitted until the application has been approved.
  • Payment details will be issued by email when the application is accepted. Refer to "Stall Site Payments" for payment options and procedures.Payments must be submitted within 21 days after your booking has been approved.
  • The Festival committee reserves the right to decline applications where information supplied by the applicant is incorrect or misleading.

Allocation of Stall sites – Site locations are issued according the order that applications are received.

  • Applicants will be notified of their approved SITE AREA. Payment is then due within 21 days.
  • Applicants will be notified of their SITE NUMBER(S) two weeks prior to the festival date.

Goods to be sold - Stall vendors are required to supply details of the major items to be sold. The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse the sale of goods that have not been approved. Any major changes to the products being sold must be notified to the Festival co-ordinator prior to the Festival date.

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the stall site being relocated or the application cancelled. In addition, items that cause a nuisance (e.g. stink bombs, water bombs, silly string) will not be permitted.

Community Groups - Local not-for-profit community groups may apply for reimbursement of their site costs. These groups may include local Scouts, Guides, School Associations and other local Not For Profit groups. To be eligible, a request for a refund must be stated on the application.

Payment should be submitted within 21 days of the aproval date.

Commercial food vendors should refer to the Georges River Council’s Food Handling Guidelines.

Commercial Food Sites - These sites include commercial vendors that prepare and handle food products. This category of sites excludes not-for-profit community or charitable organisations, schools or church groups.

Commercial Food vendors are required to register with Georges River Council.

Electrical Power Access - Electrical power access is available for a limited number of sites in the Memorial Gardens area and Oatley Avenue. Refer to the Festival Map for stall sites that have access to electrical power.

Please ensure your power requirements are recorded on your application, particularly for 15 Amp access.

Power generators are not permitted unless authorised by the Festival Committee.

Fete Stall Hire - Commercial fete stalls may be hired for an aditional fee. These measure 2.4 metres x 2.4 metres with a roof, skirting around the sides and bench tops on three sides with access at the rear side (see photo).

Hired fete stalls are only available in the Frederick St and Oatley Ave area, not in the Oatley Memorial Gardens

Refer to the Festival Map for locations where hired fete stalls may be permitted.

Insurance - Oatley Lions Club is covered by $20 million Public Liability and Personal Injury insurance. However, it is the responsibility of stallholders to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for their designated stall site. Copies of current insurance stallholder insurance policies do not need to be submitted with applications unless otherwise stated.

Stall Site Payments - Payments for stall sites is by credit card and secured by the Paypal system. To secure an approved application, stallholders are required to submit payment within 14 days of the invoice date. Payment may also be submitted by EFT directly to the Lions Festival account.

Requests for power access on the day may be considered.

Political Affiliations - Oatley Lions is a member of Lions International which is a non political service organisation. Lions do not permit the promotion of any political organisation. Political organisations are not permitted to promote candidates or distribute leaflets within the festival area.

Cancellation - A cancellation fee of $20 will apply where a booking is cancelled more than two weeks prior to the Festival date. Payments are non-refundable if cancelled within two weeks of the Festival date. The Festival will not be cancelled due to weather conditions, unless deemed unsafe by Georges River Council, Police or the State Emergency Service.


Ground Entry - Barricades to the Festival boundaries will be erected and staffed by the State Emergency Service (SES).

Entry is permitted into the Festival area to set up from 6.00am to 8.00am. All vehicles must exit the enclosed Festival area by 8.15amunless special permission has been granted. Unauthorised vehicles must NOT be parked within the barricaded area after 8.15am. Stallholders are required to comply with directions from the State Emergency Services (SES) or Lions Club volunteers.

Parking - Off Street parking is available from 6.00am - 5.00pm at the Georges River College off Hurstville Road, North of the Oatley Memorial Park. Stallholders are expected to park at off-street parking at the Georges River Oatley Campus. The campus is located nearby (5 minute walk) and a regular shuttle bus will be provided to stall sites from 7am to 8.30am.

Site Dismantling - Vehicles will not be allowed access within the barricaded area until close of Festival. SES volunteers will announce when vehicle access is permitted and it is safe to do so, usually around 3.30pm. Stall holders wishing to pack up stalls before the end of the Festival must leave their vehicle outside the barricaded Festival area.

Garbage- Stall holders are expected to leave their site area clean. Rubbish bins and a skip bin (South park area) will be provided and located throughout the Festival area. Failure to remove rubbish from the allocated site will result in a ban from future festivals.

Safety Officers will check the designated Festival area for potential hazards. Stallholders must comply with any reasonable direction of the Safety Officers and comply with Occupation Health and Safety legislation. Any hazards should be reported to a Lions Club member or the State Emergency Service (SES).


The Oatley Lions Club Festival Committee will not be responsible for any financial loss, equipment damage, stock damage or stock loss by stallholders. Stallholders are expected to have appropriate insurance cover for their trading activities.

Oatley Lions endeavours to provide stallholders with the latest information, although there may be occasions when Government policy alters the conditions. If this occurs the Committee will endeavour to be in contact by email. It is also requested to provide a phone number and address.

We trust you understand the need to have these terms and conditions. We also trust that you enjoy the day and we thank you for your co-operation.


  • Removal all rubbish from your allocated site
  • Comply with directions from Festival Volunteers, Police or SES
  • To park in the off-street Georges River Campus
  • Carry a copy of your Booking Receipt
  • Possess a current liability insurance certificate
  • Commercial stall holders to bring the Council Temporary Food Permit

Note: Receipts may be either printed or digital version