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What is Oatley Community Directory (OCD)?

The concept is to provide a “platform” for local individuals, organisations and businesses  to “market” their goods or services or events - during these unprecedented times. The initial directory will be published from existing public information. Please complete an application form if you wish to enhance your listing or if you wish to be excluded from OCD please inform us here: info@oatleylions.org.au.  This OCD trial may be expanded in the future to include adjacent suburbs.

Australia’s largest service organisation Lions Australia is embracing new ways of communicating to support each other and their communities now and in the future” 

How much does it cost to add my listing?

Initial participation (to add your listing) will be free. Participants may wish to make a  donation. A subscription fee may eventually be introduced if OCD is proving beneficial to businesses and the community. 

How do I list in the Directory?

Please complete an application form HERE. If your current listing is inadequate, please do a new application and we will substitute it.

Once your application has been accepted and your listing published,  you may wish to make a donation to Oatley Lions Club HERE.


We welcome your feedback. Please provide it HERE.

Current Stats:

As at 9 June 2020:

Who can answer my questions?

Please email info@oatleylions.org.au if you have any questions.