Why join Oatley Lions ?

Oatley Lions Club is a service organisation of volunteers that have a passion to provide support for people with specific needs. Membership is open to men and women who want to make a difference. Oatley Lions is a member of Lions Australia  and Lions International, the world’s largest service organisation.  Currently the club has more than 30 members and over the past 5 years has raised more than $600,000 to support local and international community project. Members decide how to raise funds and the projects to they wish to support. 

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Reasons to Join . . . . . .

Friendship. In an increasingly complex world, Lions provides one of the most basic human needs - the need for friends and friendship.

The opportunity to make a difference. As an individual you can have a limited impact, but as part of a group, you can achieve so much more - in your community, your country, your world.

Personal growth and development.  Membership in Lions aids your growth and education in human relations and personal development.

Leadership development.  Every Lions member is encouraged, and has the opportunity to build their leadership skills and to serve in a variety of positions, both at club level and beyond.

Citizenship in the community.  Membership in a lions club brings you more awareness of your community. The average Lions Club has at its heart the intention to make the community it serves a better place to live in, and does this with a variety of programs tailored to the community's needs.

Oatley Lions projects are fun. Social activities are fun. And the service is fun.

Public speaking skills.  Many an individual who joined Lions was afraid to speak in public. Lions develops confidence and skill in public communication, and the opportunity to practice these skills in a friendly setting.

Citizenship in the world.  Every Lion wears a pin that reads "Lions International". Every Lion is welcome to attend the 41,000+ clubs in more than 190 nations and geographical areas of the world. Some 1.4 million men and women are Lions. Instant friends both in one's own community and the world community.

Entertainment.  Oatley Lions organise many different activities that provide entertainment as well as education.

Lions "Make Things Happen". Wherever there is a need, you'll find Lions there, actively involved in getting the job done and Making Things happen. Always ready to roll up the sleeves and find a solution. No job is too big or too small.

Lions has a range of programs for our youth, such as Youth exchange and hosting, the Youth of the Year Competition, plus the Peace Poster Competition that promotes good will and friendship.