Food Stall Registration

Please be advised that all temporary food premises participating at the event must register with Georges River Council. As part of the registration some documents as stated on the form are required to be lodged to Council.

To register a food stall please use the below link:

To register a mobile vending vehicle:

To ensure that the applications are assess and permits prepared in time for the event, would please advise all food stalls/mobile vehicles to register with Council by Monday 9 October 2017.

Please note, “Food can be defined as any substance or thing that is suitable for human consumption whether it is live, raw, liquid, additives, process, prepared or partly prepared.”

Considering the definition of food all stalls selling packaged or non-packaged food must register with Council.

Further information about temporary food event can be found on NSW Food Authority web site:

Should you have any questions about the above please do not hesitate to contact me : 

Nahla Dayoub

Environmental Health Officer

9330 6299

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Published on Thursday, 05 October 2017 17:43

Written by Bryan Pirie

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