The Festival Photo Competition will NOT be held in 2017.

However festival visitors are most welome to capture "Festival Moments" and submit them by email.

The best photos will be included on the Photo Gallery after the festival.  




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Simply submit up to three photos taken at the Oatley Village Festival on 15 October 2016. Photos may be submitted to this email address (click here) or submitted via Facebook. 
Photos may be submitted on festival day at the FINPOS Stand at the festival (site N05) in the north park area of the festival. Its FREE to enter and there are some great prizes to be won.
Sponsor FINPOS Chartered Accountants will be presenting the Ist Prize and People's Choice prizes. Oatley Lions Club will present the 2nd "Runner Up" prize.
Photos submitted for the 1st and 2nd awards up will be held on Wednesday 19 October at the office of Finpos Chartered Accountants L1 47-67 Mulga Rd Oatley. These two awards will be judged on the interpretation of the competition theme Capture the Festival Mood and artistic merit. Inappropriate or offensive photos will deemed ineligible and removed from the competition.The People's Choice Award will be determined by the Facebook Photo Competition votes. 
Here are some tips to help to take that award winning photo. It's importart to experiment...and dare to be different !
  • Try different angles, kneeling or even lying and shooting up or shooting down from a chair, can give you an interesting view point.
  • The most fundamental element in taking a good photograph is composition. Modern cameras can sort out focusing, lighting and other matters for you, but you have to chose where to point the camera and how to compose the picture. So take a few seconds to choose a good composition taking on board the following advice.
  • When photographing people, it's often a good idea to take two or three quick shots in succession. People tend to relax a little after the first shot and look more natural. Assuming you have a digital camera, you can easily delete the less satisfactory shots.Look for different colours. Similar objects in different colours make great pictures.
  • The best time to take outdoor photos is when the sun is not too high in the sky.
  • Ensure that background objects do not spoil the composition. So, for instance, avoid a traffic sign or a tree branch appearing to come out of a person's head.
  • Remember the 'rule of thirds'.  Imagine that there are invisible lines - two horizontal and two vertical - dividing your picture into nine sections. In many cases, you'll obtain a better picture if you put any natural horizontal lines - like the horizon - on one of your invisible horizontal lines rather than in the middle and if you locate your subject - such as a person or tree - on one of the invisble vertical lines rather than in the middle.
Entry to the competition is FREE  Photos must be taken at the 2016 Oatley Village Festival.
Entrants may submit up to three digital photos.
Photos may be taken on smart phones, tablets or a camera.
Photos may be submitted by email or via Facebook using the tag  #oatleyvillagefestival2016 in the comments field.
Entries must be submitted by no later than midnight 18 October 2016.  
Entries will be judged on composure, imagination and photo quality.
Submitted photos remain the property of the entrant but the sponsor retains the right to use the images.